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What is Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing is a structured, teachable discipline that enlists the unconscious mind to gain direct knowledge about inaccessible targets – about people, places, things, or events in the past, present, or future.

Remote Viewing is performed with nothing more than a black pen and a stack of blank paper. A Remote Viewer is given a Target Reference Number (e.g. 4578/4498) pointing their unconscious mind to a remote target. In a typical 45-minute session a Remote Viewer “unpacks” their mind’s unconscious language for a target in a systematic way. They write down target impressions in a series of steps, from small sensory impressions to larger concepts & analogies, rigorously discarding their overactive imagination at each step.

Typical session results

Spinning wheel

Site template     S6

Target [3786/1528] Data Summary

"The most important aspect of the site is a circular swirling tool, which is also a coil. It is like a spinning top and also like a balloon. There is vibration and movement here which makes me feel frustrated. There are lifeforms at the site which feel stuck and hopeful. Concepts here include: enveloped and encumbered.

The 2nd most important aspect of the site are a flying mass of rocks and stones moving in an arching or curving motion. It makes me feel frustrated. People here feel watchful, curious, and hopeful. The flying mass is like a conglomerate. Concepts here include: hope and progress. This is a special case where people hope to find a solution.

The 3rd most important aspect of the site is a flat groove in the ground. There is sandy soil here. This situation makes me feel agitated. Concepts here include: burrow and encumbered. There is a dynamic of frustration here. It is like an earthquake and also like a trap."

   Crystal skull      Orb

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How and why was it developed?

Military-grade Remote Viewing, known at Technical Remote Viewing, was developed in the 1970s at the Standford Research Institute (SRI) and used by the US army to spy on Soviet targets. SRI found that, although accurate at times, psychics and mediums make too many errors. Project Stargate, the US military Remote Viewing program was declassified in the 1990s and has been taught privately ever since.

Many psychics and mediums use the term Remote Viewing loosely and improperly.

Military-grade Remote Viewing is scientifically validated, reproducible, and objective. Once a Remote Viewer is properly trained, session results are 85% accurate. When 2 or more Remote Viewers work the same target, overlapping commonalities are considered 100% accurate.

                                                                            Project Stargate

Is psychic ability even real?

Yes. Quantum non-locality was considered proven in 1982 by Alain Aspect. This research points to the fundamental fact that everything is connected to, and may be influenced by, everything else. The implications are mind-boggling.

Extrasensory Perception (ESP) was proven by J. B. Rhine at Duke University in the 1930s.

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Although Remote Viewing was developed to spy on Soviet military targets, the BEST application of Remote Viewing is as a general self-improvement tool. Anyone may use Remote Viewing to gather the following information:

·       Their life’s purpose & optimum life path

·       Optimum vocation & career path

·       Best path to optimum personal health

·       Information on undiagnosed illnesses

·       Discovering one’s optimum investment

·       Locating one’s optimum mate

·       Stock market trading

·       Predicting the future up to 8 weeks in advance with Open Searches

·       Locating lost items

·       And much, much more

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Find out using Remote Viewing. . .

In movies & TV

Third Eye Spies. A documentary about the history of Remote Viewing.

The Men Who Stare At Goats. A Hollywood movie about the military Remote Viewing program.

In Search Of. A classic 1979 Remote Viewing TV episode starring Leonard Nimoy and Remote Viewing pioneers Hella Hammid and Ingo Swann.